Sunday, February 26, 2017

Makeng Wishes

Hey All

On my birthday hike I came across a wishing well.

I thought I would make a wish.  "I wish, I wish for a best pal that will be my friend forever and ever."

Oh my goodness!!!!  Wishes DO come true!"

"Seriously Bert.  I wished for a best pal and you popped right out of the wishing well.  You should make a wish."

So my big fluffy butt friend tried it.  "I wish for......"

And like magic, poof.  I popped out of the wishing well!
Bert then climbed into the wishing well to see if there where hidden treasures in there.  And you know what?????  THERE WAS!  He found a most spectacular stick.

Wishes do come true.  We are bestest pals who love each other very much and who always have the best best best adventures together.  Don't ever give up on making wishes my friends. 


Friday, February 24, 2017

Happy Birthday

Hey All

Today, today according to my adoption paper from Bullseye Rescue I am 3 years old.  In honor of all those at Bullseye Rescue who cared for me, and Miss Lydia (the See Beautiful original herself) who found me on the streets of Atlanta and took me in, and piolet Charlie who flew my momma to Atlanta to bring me to my forever and ever home I raise a doggie beer to you all.  Without them I would not know how sweet being 3 could be. 
Come join me my friends as I celebrate this beautiful life I now have.