Friday, April 29, 2016


Hey All.

Funny thing about surprises, they come in all kinds of forms:  Happy, sad, exciting, troubling, wonder, and mystery.  On Thursday momma told me that I got a surprise in the mail, but I couldn't have it until Friday.  She wanted to save it for me after my doctor appointment on Friday morning.  Doctors appointment????  What?  Momma said not to worry I was just going in to get my snake shot.  SNAKE SHOT?!!!  And I am not to worry????  But momma said it would be OK, the snake shot was a good thing.  It helps if I get bit by a snake on our hikes.  It gives my momma more time to get me medical attention to help prevent sever damage or death.  OK,OK that is a good thing.  So I was a good boy and went to Dr. Eddie's. 
There were many surprises in the above mentioned.  But they don't stop there.  I was at Bert's place and my appointment was at 9am.  Momma had a doctors appointment of her own that morning really early, she thought she would be done in plenty of time to take me to mine.  But as it turns out her appointment was WAAAAAY long.  So she called Bert's Vickie to see if she would take me.  She was happy to.  Turns out that there was more to my appointment than just getting a snake shot.  Momma also asked if Dr. Eddie would look at my left shoulder.  I have had a limp for a couple of weeks.  We all thought it was just a sore muscle from a hike where I totally went all out.  So after I got my snake shot, which I took like a big boy, it really was no big deal.  Then Dr. Eddie checked out my shoulder.  Turns out it maybe something more than a sore muscle.  It may be something called OCD.  No, not the OCD that people can have.  This OCD is Osteochondritis Dissecans, a disease of the cartilage.   We are not sure yet.  Next Friday Dr. Eddie will sedate me and take x-rays of my shoulder to find out for sure.  Momma and I are really hoping it is just a sore muscle.  But if it isn't and it is OCD then I have to go to Salt Lake City to a specialist to have surgery.  In the mean time Dr. Eddie said I have to take it easy.  That means, no hikes, no off leash walks, no jumping, no playing tug of war with Bert or my momma, no playing ball, no chasing around my yard, no playing with my toys, no NOTHING!  Just laying around.  When momma and I got home I asked for my surprise.  But momma said I could not have it because I had to take it easy.  WHAT?  She said it was my Bully Box.  Oh I love it when my Bully Box comes, it has super great treat and super fun toys!

Momma showed me my Box.  And I gave her the "Oh Please" let me see what's inside look.

So momma laid it all out for me.  Oh dog look at all this great stuff inside my box and I CAN'T have any of the super fun toys. 

"PLEASE momma let me have just one thing, just one thing."  I went all out with my pleading eyes.  "Please momma, please."

She could not resist.  She said I could choose between the pork braided thing or the fake/real antler thingy.

Ewwwwww.  So hard to decide.  What I really wanted was that great rope tugging thing, but momma said that was not an option.  And no amount of sad Buddy eyes would change her mind.  She said it was for my own good.  I know she has to be tough, it's because she cares.

I chose the pork braided thingy.  Thank you momma for letting me have something from my surprise Bully Box. 

So I guess I will be doing a lot of this for awhile, just taking it easy with my momma because of that darn left shoulder.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Hey All.

Momma received a very special gift in the mail.

A Bullseye Rescue t-shirt!!!  Oh was she excited.  It even says "Pit Crew" on the back.  Hahahhaha
See it was Bullseye who took me in and cared for me after Miss Lydia from See Beautiful found me on the streets of Atlanta.  Miss Lydia and all the folks of Bullseye loved me, took care of me, and loved me and loved me some more until that beautiful day when I adopted my momma.  I never heard of Utah but I knew that if that is where my momma lived then I would live there too.  Thank you Bullseye Rescue for giving me a chance to have my forever and ever home.  Momma and I love you.