Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

Hello Friends.

It's the Dog Days of Summer in my neck of the woods.  Temps are in the upper 90's to low 100's.  It is dog hot I tell you.  Which makes for a hot dog.

As I have gotten older I find myself during the heat of the day laying on the couch with a cool breeze blowing on me from the small window cooler.  MOM says she really has noticed a big difference in me from last summer.  I tell her I am not slowing down, I'm just older and wiser.  No need to work up a pant when I can catch a few Zzz's on a comfy couch with that cool breeze tickling my ears.  That's my story and I am sticking to it.
Peessss- I might have trouble getting to many post up this week.  MOM has another BUSY week, even more so than last week.  She is working real hard and so I am going to give her a little break, in that if she does not have time to help me post it's OK.  I will just kick back and read what's going on with all of you.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Tomato Pickin' 101

Hello Friends.

Some of you may know that my MOM plants for me my very own tomato plant.  Yep just for me.  I get to pick my very own tomatoes whenever I want.  This is something I do not take lightly.  I know that one must take care of their plants in order for them to grow and produce.  So join, me won't you, as I show you how to take care of your very own tomato plant.

There she is my friends, my tomato plant.  Isn't she beautiful?  MOM plants flowers around my tomato plant.  Not only does it look pretty but the bees love the flowers and we all know bees are VERY important and helpful to helping all plants be all they can be.  (No pun intended, OK maybe it was intended)

One of the things I do is to check to make sure my tomato plant has the proper moister level.  This is very important.  Just as you and I need water to survive so do plants.  It is important that it is just the right amount.  Plus I get the added bonus of sniffin' the beautiful flowers.
"Hello my delicious beauty, I see you." 
Then I check to see if any tomatoes are ripe.  You might think I don't know the difference, butt I do.  I never pick or eat a green tomato.  AND I NEVER eat the leaves. 
This one looks like it is perfect and ready to meet my lips and stomach.
I then go in gently.  This is important.  I do not want to harm the rest of my plant.
Reward is mine.  Yummmmmmmm.  Just about nothing beats a freshly picked and eaten tomato.
And that my friends is how you pick your own tomatoes.  Follow these simple rules and you will feast all summer long.
OH! And check this out.  My MOM and her young friend Oscar pick all this yummy goodness on Sunday.  2 different kinds of Kale, Radishes, Summer Squash, Bell Peppers, Chili Peppers, Beets, Lettuce, Jalapenos, Zucchinis.