Sunday, January 15, 2017

A hole Lot of Mischief

Hey All.

Oh My Goodness!!!  There has been a whole lot of mischief at my house. 
This is how it started.  Momma and I woke up to our basement flooded!  There's over 6 inches of water down there.  I now have an indoor pool.  Anything on the floor was destroyed.  Which included some of momma's favorite stuff, her camping and hiking gear.  But wait there is more.  Our 2 year old furnace doesn't work (because of the flood), and the water heater is dead.  So while I have plenty of water in my new indoor pool there is no water in the pipes (had to shut it off) and no hot water either.  That is a lot of mischief my friends.  But it's not all bad. Some beautiful things happened too.

My pal Bert came over with his Vickie.  They brought buckets and towels to help with the water clean up.  Bert wanted to go swimming in the indoor pool.  Crazy dog, that water is ice cold!

So I convinced him to play in the frozen pool in the back yard.

After he pouted for a little bit, he decided that a romp and chase in the snow would be ALMOST as fun.

Then momma's best friend, Jenni, and her husband Justin came over to see if they could help. 
"Hi Jenni."

Hehhehehhe, I am getting my licker ready to give Jenni a BIG kiss.

"Are you ready Jenni?  I am sooo thankful you and Justin came over to help my momma and me."

Hahhahhaha.  I got her.  A Big Buddy smooch. 

I got LOTS of belly rubs from Jenni.  She knows how to put a pup to sleep.  While I was enjoying a belly rub Justin got the furnace working.  So we have heat now.  The water heater is a work in progress.  It will take more hours of drying out the insulation before it will stay lit.  So momma will have a cold shower in the morning, but that's OK.

I plan on keeping my momma warm by sleeping on her. 
I am so very grateful for me and momma's friends who came over to help us in these frigid temperatures. Even offering us a place to stay if we wanted.  You see my dear friends even in the midst of mishaps, mischief and unexpected things there is always seeing beautiful.  You see it in the selfless acts of friends, you see it when you not only open your eyes but more importantly when you open your heart.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Mystrious Black Package

Hey All

When momma and I got home she pulled out a mysterious black package.  Earlier in the day she stopped at the post office and picked it up. 

It was for ME!!
Don't adjust your computer, you are not drunk.  My momma had a wrong setting on her camera so that is why the pictures are blurry.

Oooooo what's in here? 

It's from France.  It's from my little brother, Da Phenny's, parents.  As you can see I learned how to open a package from our Angel Easy.  I could hear him cheering me on as I "gently" opened the mysterious package.

Oh My Oh MY!!!!  Look at all this great stuff.  I gotted a Santa Paws bubble blower and some super yummy treats AND a cool drool treat launcher!!!!!  Oh boy I am going to have fun with that!!!!!

Thank you sooooooo much Da Pheeny's momma and dad dad.  I love it all.  Big KISS to you both.