Monday, April 13, 2015

Is the End Near?

Hello Friends.

I would like to start out with a WARNING.  Especially for my good friends Frankie and ErnieWARNING some images may (will) be disturbing and frightening.  I would suggest that you take a moment to go out and water a bush or put on a diaper if you don't want to pee your furs.

This my friends, is the face of evil.  Some of you know him as Allred the Devil Cat. 

Allred came to live at my buddy Bert's place years ago.  He just walked into the place and never left.

And if that was not enough, just moving right in, Allred then began to scare to poop out of all of us.  He would sit on the other side of the doggie door and when we would walk in (especially Bert) Allred would WHAP us on the butt!!!

Then he would laugh his evil laugh.  I shutter just thinking about it.  And my poor buddy Bert now slowly pokes his snooter in the doggie door afraid to come in.  And you know what Allred would do???  Smack Bert on the snooter!
Oh you better believe we all respected, FEARED, Allred.  And with good reason.  Even me.  Even though I have a somewhat strong prey drive (I chase cats, squirrels, voles, raccoons, rabbits, porcupines, skunks... you get the idea) I would still give Allred a wide birth and just stare him down.  He IS scary!!  Well my friends as I said I think the end is near.  Strange things have been happening, VERY strange.

This is NOT photo shopped.  Allred is napping with one of the guest at Bert's place.  Butt it does not end there.

Here he is cuddled up with Scrappy and BERT!!

Here is a close up.
He Shares the crate with Bert's mom.

DON'T OPEN YOUR EYES BERT!!!!  The Devil Cat is laying on you.  Is this all a bad dream?  Is the end near?!

And say it isn't so........ Allred, the Devil Cats is touching my butt.  The end must be near.  Do you need more proof?  OK, just take a look at the following video.  F&E you may want to leave the room for this.

Surly this is a sign of the times, the end of time.  I mean doesn't it say somewhere that all kinds of strange things will happen when the end is near?????  Allred, the Devil Cat, giving Bert's mom a message , A MESSAGE!!!  I think that qualifies as STRANGE, Bizarre, not to mention scary.  I don't know about you my friends butt I plan on living life to the FULLEST from this moment forward.   I suggest you do the same.  God save us all. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Balancing Act

Hello Friends.

That's right...

It's a goose egg. 
Want to know a good thing about a goose egg.... It taste GREAT!!!!