Monday, October 12, 2015

A Gift From the Mayors

Hey All.

I received a very important and beautiful gift.  This gift came from none other than the Mayors of Blogville, Murphy and Stanley.  Our beloved mayors left it for me on my momma's desk.  When she brought it home to me she told me the story of the gift and why it is so special.

It seems that when our mayors were just wee pups my Angle Brother, Goose, gave them a very special gift.  It was a beaver stick.

Stanley and Murphy had never seen a beaver stick before.

They loved it!  And would help the beaver stick by lovingly
chew it.

Even has big boys they took very good care of the beaver stick that Goose gave them.  Goose was so very proud of how they loved and cared for the stick.

So in honor of my brother Goose and as a welcome to me they have given me that very same beaver stick.

I LOVE this stick!

I leaped with joy, and spun, and twirled with it I was so excited.

I can't believe they would give me something so special.

I promise Mr. Mayors that I will take very good care of this beautiful gift.

I hope my Angle Brother Goose is proud of me.

Momma says she can see him smiling big and wide that I have learned the art of stick rescue.  And he is surly very proud of me and the passion I have for sticks.  THANK YOU Murphy and Stanley, I am overwhelmed with your thoughtfulness.

Friday, October 9, 2015

A Little Extra See Beautiful

Hey All.

Well my momma finally got the See Beautiful video done.  I'm not new to this See Beautiful thing.  Nope not at all.  I saw beautiful when Miss Lydia found me on the streets.  I saw beautiful when Miss Ellie from Bullseye Rescue took me in.  I even saw beautiful when I wondered if anyone would want me to be apart of their life.  Miss Lydia and Miss Ellie really loved me a lot and they played with me and walked me and loved me.  Then Miss Lydia told me about my new momma who was coming all the way from Utah to come get me and take me to my forever home.  To a pup like me just the words "forever home" are just about the most beautiful words of all.  The good Lord surely hand a hand in all of this.  Momma's friend Lynne said while my momma was gone to get me she would hear this song called Brother.  Whenever she heard the song she thought about me and my momma.  I told my momma that it would be the perfect song for our See Beautiful video.  I hope you enjoy it.

In this short video you see from the beginnings of my beautiful story, from Miss Lydia sending my momma a picture of me, to Miss Ellie taking me out to dinner.  From my momma being flown to Atlanta (thank you pilot Charlie) to momma signing my adoption papers.  From my cross county trip from Atlanta Georgia to Ogden Utah.  From my first real back yard, first hike, my very own toys and new friends.  Life IS beautiful.