Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Look What I Got

Hello Friends.

Boy oh boy do I have some things to show you.  Yesterday when MOM and I got home our recycle bin was moved so MOM could not get in the garage.  Who would do such a thing?  I'll tell you who, the UPS dude or dudet.

First up this big box.  I will admit I had MOM help me open this one.

Would you look at this??!!!!  It's a colored me.  AND it came with some Wiemeraner magnets.  I don't know who sent this to me butt thank you thank you.  This will go on the Goose wall in our home (Which I will show you soon).

Next is this box. 

Let me at it!!  I can smell who this is from.

You may remember that I had a photo shoot a couple of weeks ago with Dr. Liz, Fi and Abby's mom.  MOM and I had the bestest time with her.  And she sent us a flashy driver thingy with the photos on it AND she sent us this pawsome 8x10 of me and my MOM (MOM gets leaky eyes when she looks at it) AND oh my dog she made a beautiful, wonderful, spectacular, book of me!!!  You have no idea how much joy this brought to my MOM, almost as much joy as I bring her.  Butt wait there is more....

Fi and Abby sent me some Natural Duck treats!!  I think Howard the Duck just fainted.  Hehehhehe

Maybe Howard the Duck fainted at the glorious smell of these Natural Duck treats.  I know I almost did.  They are DEEE-LISH-USSSSSS.  I gotta tell ya friends if you happen to live along the Wasatch Front here in my neck of the woods you would do yourself and your peeps a favor to have Dr. Liz do a photo shoot with you.  Or maybe you could fly here to YOUR neck of the woods.  She is AMAZING.  Thank you Dr. Liz and you Mysterious Anonymous gift giver.  We love it all!