Sunday, August 23, 2015

Muddy Mischief Monday


As promised some scenes from my hike with Bert in Ice Box Canyon.

By this point in our hike we had already hiked a couple of miles and Bert just knew with a name like Ice Box great things lay ahead.

We both were all smiles at just the thought of what might lay ahead.

Along the way Bert found a small pocket of water to cool his paws off.  Of course the pocket of water surrounded by rocks was a bonus for him.

Of course we all know when you have a wet Bert and dirt trails a happy Bert is bound to get some dirty paws and tummy. 

But no need to worry because this Golden Boy knows how to find the wet stuff, even if it meant I had to crawl on my hands and knees to get to the waters edge.

That my friends is the face of true bliss.

Bert just begging me to throw a rock for him. 

Then he led the way up the trail.  Love how he stops to check to see if I am still coming.  A reminder of my sweet Goose who would always make sure he kept me in his sight.

No surprise that Bert led us to another beautiful spot along this creek.

Bet you can't guess what the Golden Boy is doing......

Yep that is a rock.

It was so much fun the first time......

he had to get another. 

I've been around Bert enough to know that look on his face and what is about to happen.

Mix one part wet Bert, one part trail dirt and what you get is.....

Is a muddy Golden Mess. 

And just for some added fun lets mix in some leaves, twigs, and possible deer poop.

You may think this post is about the mischief of a muddy Bert.  But in reality it is really a mischief post about me.  See the beauty of all this fun fun fun is I drive Bert back to his place, walk him in, give him hugs and kisses and throw his ball a few times.  Then I, well I just leave, promising him that we will do it again real soon.  I figure that Bert's Vickie would not know what a great time he had if I polished him all up before I brought him back home.

Thanks Bert for being such a great hiking buddy.  Can't wait until we do it again.